SLOGUN - Nothing. Ever. CD

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Old Captain(ウクライナ)リリース CD
"Nothing you do will ever matter. Nothing. Ever.". The first full-length release by American True Crime Electronics project Slogun since "I Will Bury You" in 2013. Eleven new tracks, the last of which is the 12-minute piece from his side-project Self. Continuing his journey inward, "Nothing. Ever." delves deeper into self-hate, disgust and the absolute exhaustion of escaping the foundation of which his life was built on: failure and all of its expectations and realizations. Slogun spews truth about self-actualization, manipulation, denial and justification, while Self finishes everything off with pure defeat. The end of it all. Featuring Slogun’s own art and handwriting, "Nothing. Ever." quite possibly closes out a 23-year journey through the depths of one-man's disgust at himself, at the notion of "civility", at victimization and of the human animal. Ltd x 300 copies in a 6-panel digipak.


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¥1,360tax included